On Saturday April 18th, we're gonna party like its 1888!

We are going to turn on home plaza New Orleans Square and many of the participating businesses in it ,into WHITECHAPEL 19th Century style

we will be staging all five Ripper murders throughout the Square and it will be up to YOU, the guests to do what Scotland Yard couldn't do 132 Years ago, IDENTIFY JACK THE RIPPER .

There will be clues and evidence laced through the plaza and inside the participating business , prized will be given out based how long t takes you to ID the Ripper, what clues you attained and overall appearance


while costumes wont be mandatory , it could be a tie breaker if things get close

I have a TON of intricate details that I will be rolling out and posting in the coming days, ticket prices, promos rules , fun facts etc, so keep and eye on this event page!!!!

Here is where you purchase your tickets to a night of horror and mystery . Your ticket comes with a detective kit  ( to be distributed upon arrival to the event ) Your name will be put on the participants list and no physical ticket will be needed , checked in will be 7pm and location inside the plaza that will be designated at a later date prior to the event